Hifinity limited Incorporated on 19th December, 2018, in Hongkong. With the increase growing of technology and human population, the demand for interstate and international trade is growing rapidly by the day. We provide solutions to many business sectors to save them the time and money. Our extensive resources in the global trade, give us the ability to trade with confidence between the global and the Middle East Market.



By devoted professionalism, Hifinity Limited seeks to become the trading firm of choice for clients, principals, and investors, thereby attracting the best personnel.


To be a top trading organisation offering top-notch services and serving as a genuine development agent. We assiduously seek for knowledge and the truth, motivated by our clients, our principles, and our skilled professionals in each of our fields of expertise.


Metals, Steel

Throughout history, metals have been used in a variety of ways. With the growing demand for manufacturing goods, metal products have become increasingly diverse: in the industrial trade, these products range from simple alloys to specific wires and wire products. Serving medical, electrical, and even military needs, metals enable the mass production of parts.

Consumer Electronics

Our product range caters specifically to the consumer electronics sector, encompassing cutting-edge technology, gadgets, and electronic components. We specialize in providing solutions for both consumer electronics manufacturers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) within this industry. Our offerings include a wide array of electronic components, gadgets, and technological solutions, all designed to meet the ever- evolving demands of the consumer electronics landscape.


Heavy Equipments

Unleash the power of heavy equipment to conquer your toughest challenges. Our robust and reliable machinery, including forklifts, loaders, and construction equipment, ensures efficiency and durability on every worksite. With cutting-edge technology and unmatched performance, our heavy equipment solutions are your key to achieving excellence in any heavy- duty task.

Construction Materials

Products of building and construction materials including insulated concrete forms. Withstands up to 400 km/hour (250 mph) winds and flying debris. Features include rot and mold or mildew free, sound cancellation and fire protection properties, interlocking knobs, ties, grooved inside panels and flexible designs. Installation services are also offered. Suitable for residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial applications.


Agricultural Products

Many agricultural products undergo some industrial processing before they reach the consumer. Advantages of processed foods over fresh agricultural products include convenience and prolongation of shelf life. Generally, industrial food production comprises cleaning, mixing, preservation and packaging operations.

Our Team

We've had an amazing journey coming to where we are today, and now feel confident that we can provide you a professional and effective solution in a timely manner. We have extensive skills in the areas where we can provide wide range of products with best in market quality.

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